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Link Building

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Website Design

It is important nowadays to not only have an attractive website but also to have a website that is easy to use, navigate and guides visitors to the right places. All websites should be responsive (work on any device - Desktops, tablets, mobile phones) and should be an effective and efficient marketing tool.

This is where JDS Web Design Ltd are exceptional. We don't just provide stunning Web Design but also provide a solid foundation to transform your website into an efficient marketing tool and key part of your marketing strategy.

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SEO Consultancy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential part of any website. It's a collection of techniques used to ensure that your website is understood by search engines and when done correctly ensures your website is near the top of search engines for your chosen phrases.

JDS Web Design Ltd have been a professional SEO consultancy for almost a decade. We have worked with a wide variety of companies including: eCommerce giants, factories, shops, hotels, restaurants... and are 100% positive we can help you.

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Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way to buy listings on Google. You may have seen these when you visit Google – these are the Sponsored Listings. This is a great way to get quick traffic to your website from Google but if this is in the wrong hands it can cost a fortune.

JDS Web Design Ltd are experts on managing PPC campaigns and can ensure that you get the very best Return On Investment (ROI).

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Content Marketing and Link Building

Content Marketing and Link Building are techniques to promote your website across the web. As well as improving your websites' ranking on Search Engines this will also open your website to a wide variety of other places across the web.

JDS Web Design Ltd provide an essential investment for your website and ensures that you continue to improve your websites' performance online.

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